A Miraculous Make-Up Artist Who Has Set An Example For Millennials: Sandeep Molugu

Make-Up artist has always been exceptional and creative. They are one of the passionate people around the world. Make-Up artistry is a field full of creativity and revolution.

There are millions of make-up artists and, there are only a few who are showcasing their work on big platforms and giving their best in their profession.

Talking about Sandeep Molugu, also known as "sandysartistry", an extremely talented and popular make-up artist in Hyderabad, began his career at the age of 26. He was fascinated by the thought of cosmetics as a child.

Talking about his journey towards his career before pursuing his career as a make-up artist, Sandeep Molugu was a student of Shiamak Dawar institute of performing arts. He later found his peace in make-up artistry and pursued it as his career.

Sandy's life has been a rollercoaster ride as a former voice and accent trainer, choreographer, and performer. Social media has played an important role in lifting his career in the field of make-up artistry. Social media has a huge impact on the masses. Whatever you do on social media influences others. Sandeep Molugu is also a passionate social media influencer who has thousands of followers on his social media account that loves and appreciates his work there.

He is using the power of social media so beautifully. His work is commendable and attractive. In his art, we can perceive his enthusiasm and dedication towards his profession. Sandeep Molugu is setting an example for millennials interested in pursuing careers in these disciplines.

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