Celebrating The World Hindi Day Today. Significance And History.

World Hindi Day is observed on the 10th of January every year. This day is observed worldwide to promote Hindi.

Hindi is the most widely spoken language on the planet. The distinction between Hindi Day and Hindi Divas is frequently misunderstood (celebrated on 14 September every year).

Our former Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, declared the first World Hindi Day on January 10, 2006. The word 'Hindi' comes from Persian and means "Land of the Indus Valley." Aside from India, the language is spoken in Nepal, Guyana, Trinidad, and other countries.

This day is celebrated in the Indian Embassies and government offices, organizing lectures and programs on different topics. Hindi is the mother tongue of Indians, and we should be proud to speak Hindi. Hindi is not an expression of expressions It is the devotion to die on the motherland.


The inaugural World Hindi Conference was held in Nagpur, Maharashtra in 1975, and was launched by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Manmohan Singh, the then-Prime Minister of India, established the 10th of January as World Hindi Day in 2006.

Another objective of this occasion is to present Hindi as an international language. It is celebrated to spread awareness about Hindi as an International language across the world. After 10th January 1957, the World Hindi Conference has been organized in many places like Port Louis, Spain, London, New York, Johannesburg. Hindi has grown to become an International Language.

How this day is celebrated in India:

On this day schools and colleges organize several programs like Hindi debates, Poems, Essay writing competitions, and other competitions in the Hindi language to encourage students to participate in the cultural program. The difference between Hindi day and Hindi divas: After English, Hindi is the most widely spoken language on the planet. Hindi is the world's most widely spoken language.

The distinction between Hindi Day and Hindi Divas, which takes place on September 14th, is frequently misunderstood. The Hindi Divas commemorates the designation of Hindi as the official language of India. Every three years, the World Hindi Conference is held.

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