It's National Energy Conservation Day Today.

Saving energy should be our priority and responsibility. Here all you need to know about this day.

"The Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, not every man’s greed", said Gandhiji. This was rightly said by Gandhiji. Our only focus is to use the energy. Hardly a people think about conserving energy. Energy is one of the principal elements on Earth. Nothing is possible without energy. Every single activity or motion around us needs the energy to execute.

Nothing can be executed without energy. We all should spread awareness towards saving energy. Every occurrence in our daily lives contains energy. It is a basic human need. From waking up to sleeping again, we need energy.

Though the population is increasing in India day by day, energy is also being consumed more. The more the population will increase, consume more energy. The use of water will increase which is not a good sign for the future as well. All of us need to think about every possible way to conserve energy.

Today, on 14 December, National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated in India. This day was initiated and led by the Ministry of Power in 1991. The day is celebrated to spread awareness about saving energy to have a brighter and greener future which is a great initiative. Well, it is our responsibility that we all should celebrate this day just like we celebrate other Indian festivals.


Back in 2001, an act was implemented by the India Bureau of Energy Efficiency focused on formulating policies regarding energy conservation. Since then, every year this day is being celebrated. Various conferences, discussions, and workshops are organized towards the conservation of energy to raise awareness across the country.

Saving energy is our responsibility. The Earth is covered with 70% of water, only 3% of it is fresh. Of that 3%, 2.6% is locked away in glaciers and polar ice caps. Thus we are left with only 0.4% of the water that is available for a human to consume. In India, less than 50 % of the population has the access to consume pure water. The remaining water is contaminated due to chemicals like fluoride and arsenic which can not be consumed by a living being.

Water generates electricity, if we use less electricity, we will be able to save more water. . Water generates electricity, if we use less electricity, we will be able to save more water. There are basic things that we all can do in our daily lives to save energy as well as resources. We should make sure that we switch off the lights when they are not being used. We should stop any type of water leakage happening around us to save water.

We should plant more trees. We can use solar panels instead to use energy for day-to-day work. Solar energy is made by natural resources if we use it, we can save water too. Saving energy is a necessity for a better future. The awareness campaign should be organized frequently by the government.

Celebrate the day by saving energy and protecting the environment by planting more trees and saving water.