Sant Rampal is trending among youth.

Why this #Aim_Of_SantRampaljiMaharaj is trending on Twitter so much today. Is India promoting superstition? or is it okay to support a murderer?

The level of superstition in India is at its peak. It should be our responsibility to think about what is good for us and society rather than believing in someone blindly. We all have already seen and heard about so many hypocrites and fake preachers in India like Asaram Bapu, Ram Raheem, etc. still, we are promoting such people who influence us in a wrong way. Now the youth of India is supporting Sant Rampal, who is in jail right now.

Sant Rampal is a follower of Kabir's writing. He is GaribDas Panthi, a Panth is connected to Kabir Panth as he says Kabir is the supreme God. According to Rampal, his Guru is Swami Ramdevanand. He initiated that Panth on February 17, 1988. Swami Ramdevanand chose him the successor of the GaribDas Panth. He wants the whole world to worship Sant Kabir as he is the real God according to Sant Rampal. Though we all admire Sant Kabir still how we can have faith in someone who has been imposed by so many allegations on him.

Well, whatever he says or teaches to his devotees may be right and his devotees are worshipping him like a God. Their devotees on Twitter, are sharing the aims of Sant Rampal. Their devotees say that Sant Rampal wants the world to be drug-free. According to SantRampal, those who consume the flesh of animals and consume intoxicants are destined to hell. Anyone can give such lessons of life by reading the holy books. Consuming non-veg is something that comes from your own choice and no one can support eating nonveg but this thought of SantRampal can affect the masses who consume nonveg. Well, we are not promoting to consume nonveg but we should go through all the pros and cons before idolizing someone as God in our life.

The devotees of Sant Rampal are spreading his words to society through Social media in which they say that SantRamPal aims to create a world free from social evils like the dowry system, feticide, untouchability, corruption, bribing et. like every other preacher does. However, the devotees of SantRamPal are completely ignoring that SantRamPal was accused by the High court in November 2014, for Sedition, abetting, hoarding illegal weapons.

In 2006, Rampal objected to some part of 'Satyarth Prakash', a book by Swami Dayanand Saraswati a social, influential, and religious reformer and the founder of Arya Samaj.

This affected the followers of Arya Samaj and they surrounded the ashram of Rampal where both the followers of Arya Samaj and Rampal clashed. During the clash. One person was shot dead and 59 people were injured. Thus he was charged with murder and attempted, and jailed for 22 months.

Later, in November 2014, the High court summoned Rampal to have appeared in the court. Due to not appearing in the court, the administration reached his residence where he informed them about his illness. This angered his devotees in which 5 women and 1 child were found dead. Multiple sections like sections 302, 120, 343, 430, and so on were imposed on him. More than 15 devotees along with Rampal were arrested in 2014. Then he was

However Rampal was sentenced to life imprisonment after such allegations on him, his devotees always protected him and got violent against the non-supporters of Rampal. His devotees get violent when someone says something against Rampal, on the other hand, Sant Rampal spreads the message of making the world free from all the negativities.

Youth is a major part of society. His devotees are spreading his preaching on social media even today, where they say that Sant Rampal can cure Coronavirus too and PM Narendra Modi should contact him. Along with this #AIM_Of_SantRampalJiMaharaj is even trending these days on Twitter.

We should think about this thing that we should not support someone who is already criminalized. This could promote blind faith or superstition among the citizens which is not appropriate for society.

Well, whether the charges imposed on Rampal has been proved right or wrong but we as a citizen should not get influenced by such people who can make us violent when it comes to their safety and security. This may mislead us and we should think about it that such persons use us to protect themselves.