Top 10 Spots In Kanpur To Celebrate Your New Year Night.

So, as we all know that everyone might be busy with preparations this year, as they are every year on New Year's Eve.

Everyone wishes to take a stroll with their friends and family. If a good environment and decent food can be found in such a situation, it will be a cherry on the cake moment for everyone.

We've compiled a list of the top 10 best locations in Kanpur to celebrate the night of December 31st this year with a bang.

  • New Year Day Jam at 12 pm-5pm on 31st December and 1 January, And Eve Party at 6pm onwards on 31st December at Hangover By Grand Geet hotel.

  • New Year Eve from 2 pm onwards on 1st and 2nd January at Lush Garden.

  • Gala Dinner at Ignite on 31st December from 6pm to 10.30.

  • New Year celebration at Bang Bang on 31st December from 7pm onwards.

  • Live music & DJ at Vijay Intercontinental.

  • Dazzling 2020 by JLWA on 31st December from 6.00 pm onwards.

  • New Year Eve (Bollywood Carnival) at Dinero.

  • Party Night at Leisure house till 3rd January.

  • Eve party at the Forest Grill on 31st December from 1.00 pm to 11.00 pm

  • New year eve at the Yacht Club on 31st December.

All these are one of their own kind and best in organizing celebration of parties.

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